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Be the boss of borrowing!

With a little borrowing know-how, we can do some awesome stuff. Like getting that home that’s right for our family (or family to be!). Or maybe getting the perfect car to get the whole crew around. But it’s easy to get carried away and forget that borrowing should be about getting the money we need, not all the money we can get. This ebook will help us understand the ins and outs of borrowing, so instead of it becoming a source of anxiety, fear and stress, it becomes the way for us to accomplish some pretty great things.

In this ebook, you’ll find great help, like:

What’s my credit score? And why does it matter?

What are my loan options when buying a home?

How can I use the money built up in my home for renovations?

What will my lender want to know when I apply for a loan?

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